East Northumberland High

21. března 2009 v 17:18 | kiki |  Texty
My problem isn't that I miss you
Cause I don't
My problem isn't that I kissed you, woah
I figured out
That you're nothing that I thought you're about
You're just caught in a place
That soon time will erase from my heart

You're my type of guy, I guess
If I was stuck in East Northumberland High
For the rest of my life
But people change
Thank God I did
Just because I liked you back then
Doesn't mean I like you now
Just because I liked you back then
Doesn't mean I want you

Your problem's not for lack of trying
Cause you do
Just that you're at your best when you're lyin'
Now you're standin' here
Saying things you think I wanted to hear
But you've got it all wrong
I've already moved on my dear


When you're standing near me
I don't see so clearly
The feelings are still so palpable
But when I take two steps away
It sheds some light on my day
Yeah, you can't go back
It's all in the past
Guess you gotta laugh at it

get a clue maybe you're delusional


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